Smart Christmas in Smart Cities

In this last post of 2014, shorter than usual due to the Christmas holidays, I want first of all to thank all the readers who have followed me, Share or Like my posts and I want to thanks i-Ambiente for giving me the opportunity to write in this magnificent portal. As I did in August, when I posted Are Spanish Smart Cities also smart during summer holidays?, I have identified in this post some challenges that smart cities have during these family and festivities days and I have provided some ideas to keep safe and welcoming cities.

Nor smart cities will be able to escape Christmas. Christmas is celebrated in different countries and culture.  As citizens or tourists we need to be informed and prevented and cities must be alert to ensure perfect services.

It is time to check if Smart Cities initiatives to improve traffic management, energy saving, shopping experience and health care works for the inevitable excesses that occur at this time.

Transportation – A chaos in Christmas

Have Smart Cities prepared measures in advance and are ready to take steps to reduce the parking chaos caused by parking of people attending the Christmas events in city center ?.

A majority of road, rail, bus and air passengers will be travelling with time to spare before the Christmas holidays and returning after the holidays. Weather conditions can influence to worst. And if you cannot avoid traffic congestion during this time, can you be sure that smart cities have established coordinated services against problems caused by traffic incidents ?.

Here below some IoT solutions to minimize the traffic and parking problems.



Is it really necessary these craziest Christmas Lights Displays?

No doubt, we love visit cities at Christmas. We choose destination that offer some of the most treasured holiday traditions and beautiful Christmas Lights Displays. Cities do not repair in energy expenditure but in many cases are still using the old bulbs and no automated systems that control the on and off lights.

I am not suggesting to be dark during Xmas, but to make people and city councils understand how much electricity do Christmas lights use and inform about Tips on Saving Energy.


An unforgettable Christmas shopping experience

This year probably we will bet a new record of how much we will spend on gifts for Christmas. Maybe you can not save money by buying Christmas bargains after Christmas, but definitely you can find your shopping experience this year unforgettable thanks to Smart consumption and service applications for  smart cities.  You can also read in this post how “M2M / IoT technologies will be able to transform the customer retail experience?.

Lonely People Go to Hospital for Christmas, Cold Weather and Traffic fatalities

Do you know that while many patients empty out of a hospital ward as Christmas approaches, some arrive. They are often the lonely ones, the ailing grandparents who don’t fit into a family’s holiday or those who simply have no one with whom to celebrate or that “More British people die during the first full week of the year than at any other time. But perhaps surprisingly, it’s not as simple as blaming the cold weather ?. And is not a surprise that during Christmas holidays many traffic fatalities involve alcohol.

Smart cities need to work with the most innovative and dynamic hospitals around the world, with entrepreneurs, technology companies, scholars, and even agents from other economic sectors that understand that the Healthcare Industry is on the brink of a disruptive change in its business model. In this article Mario Chao  reflect on some of the keys to this transformative process and in my post “Healthcare – “The connected patient” I suggest a new medical care approach where M2M and IoT technologies will transform the business model in Healthcare.


It is logical to assume that most if not all smart cities will do the same to Barcelona “Launch of the Christmas 2014 Operation to ensure security and mobility in the city”.

I hope every smart city to ensure that locals and visitors alike can enjoy Christmas in peace that guarantee security, harmony, civic-mindedness and mobility. Good time to prove some technology smart city solutions.

 Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015.


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