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UPDATE 2016/10/31 – Magic Quadrant for M2M Managed Services Worldwide

Thanks Vodafone , Kore, and other M2M SP for share the report .

Congrats to all my friends in the companies that are in the Magic Quadrant and wish other companies can join next year.


Since 2012, Machina Research provides an annual M2M Benchmarking Study. The study compared major M2M Communication Service Providers in six key areas that will determine their future success: Pedigree, Platform, Place, Partnerships, Process and People. But with so many new entrants the decision is more complicated.

With the optimistic predictions of Analyst and companies like Cisco or Ericsson, the number of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), M2M Operators, M2M Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) as well as companies that sell M2M services, telemetry and connectivity-only services are increasing worldwide. In this post I will use the generic term “M2M Service Provider” that include all of them.

During the last years M2M Service Providers have been designing their M2M strategy looking for increase profit in Managed Connectivity, focusing on some Industries, offering new services and increasing the alliances and partner ecosystem.

This link include a list of worldwide M2M Carrier Service Providers:

Below there is a list of some of the M2M Service Providers that I am following:

Tier1 MNO M2M Operators M2M MVNOs
Telefonica Arkessa Transatel
Vodafone Stream CoSwitched
Orange Eseye Telit Communications
Deutsche Telecom Concirrus
ATT Wyless + Aspider M2M Satellite
Verizon Aeris Communications Iridium
Etisalat Numerex ORBCOMM
KPN KORE Telematics
Telecom Italia Wireless Logic IOT Networks
Telenor RACO Wireless Sigfox
Rogers M2M DataSmart Neul

Without a doubt, connectivity is a key component in the still complex M2M/IoT Value Chain, and all these players must offer a secure, reliable, managed and highly cost effective M2M connectivity service. But there are other aspects that we must consider like the M2M Platform that will allow a rapid development of Enterprise class applications including In the Cloud or On-Premise deployment options, an Enterprise Service Bus and APIs layer that connect data devices to your Enterprise business processes or workflows and Big Data Business Intelligence platform that offer customer Analytics services.

Tier 1 Mobile Networks Operators are going to find a strong competence with M2M/IoT Operators, M2M MVNOs Operators and Over the Top Service Provider if they are able to provide cheaper connectivity prices, robust channels to market and complementary technology and industry solutions.

You should consider the selection of the right M2M Service Provider for your enterprise business requirements as a strategic decision. When you need to select an M2M/IoTT Operator do not forget to understand aspects like:

  1. The offering of M2M/IoT Services and the cost.
  2. The type of networks and their applicability to your use case.
  3. The types of M2M/IoT certified devices / modules and their applicability to your use case.
  4. The alliances for local, regional or global deployments.
  5. The experience and references in vertical solution.
  6. The capabilities of the M2M/IoT Platforms and their applicability to your use case.
  7. The BSS/OSS systems and their applicability to your use case.
  8. The Business Model.

For additional information please contact:

Note: This post replace the previous one posted end of 2013.


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