Will finally be 2017, the year of Internet of Things? I do not think so.

Predictions like turron in Spain come back for Christmas.

Good Bye 2016

We can say that 2016 was an even bigger year for Internet of Things (IoT), something that is not particularly special.  The year had bring good Internet of Things stories, and news, but we are far to reach the expectations.

If you want to know if the 2016 predictions was true or the authors make some corrections during the year, I suggest read my last year post and comments “Quo Vadis IoT in 2016 or do not you think that we need more accurate predictions?”.

My two cents about 2016 IoT predictions:

  • I believe that Gartner has fails and the IoT industry has not explode in 2016.
  • I did not see that Millennials has accelerated Internet of Things action as IDC predicted.
  • Neither 2016, was the critical year for defining the LPWA networks and connectivity that Machina Research now part of Gartner anticipated.
  • Sorry Vodafone, IoT has not been vital to the customer experience.
  • While larger companies such as Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel are making deep investments in IoT products, new startups such as Samsara, Monnit and others are doubling down on the space as well.
  • The barriers for IoT adoption have been many and well known. IoT not yet ready for mass deployment, says IDTechEx.  Benchmarking study concludes that many pre-requisites for mass adoption of Internet of Things are not yet in place and market will scale up at a slower rate than predicted.

But enough of sticking to the good of the IoT wizards. Let’s review what the fortune tellers say is waiting for us in 2017.

What will be of IoT in 2017?

First things first, here are some of the links with the predictions for 2017 that I’ve collected so far.

Morgan Stanley: 2017 The Year Of Internet Of ThingsWe at are an inflection point for the development and adoption of IoT technology, that’s the main takeaway from a new report on the Internet of Thing industry from Morgan Stanley published last week.  The IoT market has moved on significantly over the past 12 months. This time last year there was much hype surrounding the technology, although many speculated it would be years before the public widely adapted IoT devices. However, per Morgan Stanley’s research, almost the entire semiconductor industry is preparing for the manufacture and introduction of IoT devices and related hardware to the market.

Forrester:  Internet Of Things (IoT): 2017 Predictions – Most worrying that there will be a large-scale IoT security breach.

IDC  – Worldwide Internet of Things 2017 Predictions –  Some of the topics we raise in this year’s IDC FutureScape are:

  • Open data platforms and their implications on current IoT deployments
  • Low-power wireless access networks and whether they are an adequate connectivity method
  • Systems integrators and their increasing importance in IoT projects
  • Key industries expected to drive IoT growth

Sandhill: IoT’s adolescence: five predictions for 2017  – Ecosystems begin to determine winners and losers. “Choose your platform”.

Internet of Things Institute – 11 IoT Predictions for 2017  – Prediction 3Recruiting Will Remain a Challenge for Organizations with IoT Initiatives”. Is really a prediction?.  In 2017, we will see a growing number of consumer-facing connected products that use connectivity to solve real problems. And more predictions in the same web  What’s in Store for IoT Security in 2017

Business Marketing Association – 2017 Internet of Things Predictions

  • The big data floodgates open, driven by the appetite for deeper contextual insights that drive customer engagement via mobile and wearables
  • Investment in artificial intelligence will triple as firms look to tap complex systems, advanced analytics and machine learning technology
  • CEOs will ‘exit’ at least 30% of chief marketing officers for not mustering the blended skill set needed to drive digital business transformation, design exceptional personalize experiences and propel growth
  • There will be a doubling of business-head turnover as CEOs come to terms with what’s needed to propel their company forward in a customer-led, digital-centric business
  • There also are some downsides predicted for next year.
  • For example, a Fortune 1000 company will fail because of a cyberbreach, more than 500,000 Iot devices will be compromised and national security risks will drive agencies to expand surveillance technologies, creating legal and ethical conflicts between governments and people.

BoschIndustry 4.0 and the IoT – market trends for the next years The top trending topics over the coming years will be:

  • Trend #1: Industry 4.0 / IoT “killer apps”
  • Trend #2: Power to the Industry 4.0 / IoT user
  • Trend #3: Standardize Industry 4.0 / IoT complete solutions
  • Trend #4: Industry 4.0 manufacturing
  • Trend #5: IoT platforms
  • Trend #7: Users become Industry 4.0 / IoT vendors
  • Trend #8: IoT Ecosystems

Schneider Electric – The Future of IoT: Our 5 Predictions  –  Nothing specific for 20717, only good intentions.

Teradata – 10 predictions for the Internet of Things and big data in 2017

  • The Internet of Things and big data technologies have progressed enormously in 2016 – and 2017 is set to be a year when more enterprise use cases come to fruition. We will see More augmented reality-based products, Greater consolidation in the IoT market. 2017 will be a “team-building year”.
  • The Internet of Things architect role will eclipse the data scientist as the most valuable unicorn for HR departments. The surge in IoT will produce a surge in edge computing and IoT operational design. Thousands of resumes will be updated overnight.
  • Additionally, fewer than 10% of companies realize they need an IoT analytics architect, a distinct species from IoT System Architect. Software architects who can design both distributed and central analytics for IoT will soar in value. – Dan Graham, Internet of Things technical marketing specialist, Teradata (http://www.dbta.com/Editorial/News-Flashes/10-Big-Data-and-IoT-Predictions-for-2017-115079.aspx )

Ericsson 10 hot consumer trends 2017Trend 2. Setting the pace for Internet of Things

Smartphones may also be key to IoT beyond the remote control paradigm. As two in five advanced internet users believe their phones will soon learn what we do and perform activities for us automatically, smartphones could soon interact with a wealth of other devices on our behalf.

HPE Industry Experts’ Top IoT Predictions for 2017 and Beyond  –

  • In 2017, IT leaders will look to take the next important step in IoT—automating the onboarding and security processes for all devices needing network access (whether they are IoT, BYOD or guest devices) to provide a better user experience while safeguarding network security (Alan Ni, Director of Vertical Marketing, Aruba (an HPE company).
  • IoT architectures will continue to push data analytics to the devices whenever possible, greatly reducing the amount of data sent upstream and minimizing the load on the network infrastructure. (Mike Krell, Lead IoT Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy).

Engerati –  T&D Predictions for 2017 – IoT – Engerati has set out three areas where the sector will see real change in 2017;

  • Digital Workforce – Autonomy and Augmented Reality
  • Asset Management – Grid Resilience and Situational Awareness
  • The Grid Edge – Prosumers and Behind the Meter Analytics

Pentaho – IoT systems will evolve in 2017 to help businesses prosper during uncertain times in five ways. Self-service data prep will unlock big data’s full value; organizations will replace self-service reporting with embedded analytics; IoT’s adoption and convergence with big data will make automated data onboarding a requirement; – Quentin Gallivan, CEO of Pentaho

Capterra –  What is Customer Service in 2017? Part 1: Internet of Things – TechRadar reported that by 2017 global investment in IoT will hit $7.3 trillion.

Sofia2  Blog2017 IoT Predictions: More Innovation, More Large-Scale Security Breaches  Another post regarding Forrester IoT Predictions.

IoT Security predictions

o   Threats against SCADA systems will also become more widespread, as SCADA providers continue to move towards TCP/IP as protocol of choice within their networks and the decreasing cost of chips leads to ever “smarter” (and thus easier to exploit) industrial process controllers and sensors.

o   Targeted attacks, possibly targeting corporations public cloud presence, will also be on the increase in 2017, as threat actors ranging from nation states to industrial espionage outfits to activist NGOs will seek to exploit the security weaknesses in organizations.

o   Darknets and the associated markets in illegal materials and services (cyber-crime tools included) represent an emergent problem, which will probably rise again to mainstream attention during 2017 . The highly successful (and thus highly centralized) Silk Road market has been crushed by law enforcement, but a myriad TOR-ified or otherwise hidden specialized markets have sprouted in its stead, and are expected to continue growing to the point of becoming again a global problem.

Other IoT predictions

“In the future, we’ll be able to better predict the future.”

Top 10 IoT 2017 wishes from my side

For the first time, I will dare to write not my own predictions, but my wishes Here they go:

  1. The End of the free IoT of Pilots and PoCs. – After years of abuse, IoT Consultants and IoT vendors do not accept to implement free Pilots/Proof of Concepts.
  2. For the first time the number of IoT platforms will shrink and some key vendors will offer a Cloud/Edge application enablement. In 2017 many IoT platform vendors will work on exit strategies.
  3. We will continue living in a world of IoT Subnets but IoT Gateway vendors will design equipment to easy integrate LoRA, NB-IoT, SigFox,  Ingenu and 3G networks.
  4. Alarming Increment of attacks and new IoT threats will make Governments finally to act. – Hackers are so excited about demonstrating IoT vulnerabilities that they will attack all kinds of connected systems and products.
  5. Machines will design the new protocol for M2M using Machine Learning algorithms –The protocol will become the standard in 10 years.
  6. Disillusionment with Connected Car, the Driverless Cars and Smart Homes will continue in 2017. Lack of standards and network infrastructure and we cannot forget that most people likes to drive.
  7. We will read some finally success stories about how wearables and augmented / virtual reality positively affect productivity and healthcare.
  8. Growth of the Internet of Things and Robots in digital marketing.
  9. Small and Medium Enterprises will begin to adopt simple IoT solutions
  10. Mergers and Acquisitions in IoT will continue, the interest will be in companies with vertical industry knowledge/ references and less in technology.

“I know I left a lot of wishes, but I can not overcharge Santa Claus.  Merry Christmas.”

Thanks, in advance for your Likes and Shares

Thoughts ? Comments ?



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