Quo Vadis IoT in 2016 or do not you think that we need more accurate predictions?

The year 2015, in particular, will go down in the history of Internet of Things (IoT) as:

Good Bye 2015

Looking back on this past year we have seen:

–     IoT 2015 in review: The 10 most relevant news of the year.

–          Internet of Things 2015 Year End Review (1): A Patent Perspective of the IoT Business Ecosystem.

–          My 5 for ’15  by Paddy Srinivasan – 2015 brought in a massive amount of growth across the IoT offerings themselves, the development tools and processes, and the readiness of organizations to fast track their IoT journey.

–          2015 – An M2M & IoT Year in Review – by James Mack, General Manager at M2M One

What will be of IoT in 2016?.

For three years, I have been collecting IoT predictions from many analysts and companies in this documentIoT / M2M predictions 2016-2015-2014 Different sources.

I am sure if you are involved in one or other way in this market you are asking yourself many questions. Where will be the focus in 2016?. Which companies will be acquired, which will disappear? Will we see new use cases and new profitable business models?. Will security remain the main concern? Will get standards?. And the big question, will increase the number of companies that will make technology compromises and finally will invest in projects and not in pilots or will they wait for a year or two until it becomes clearer which of the many technology choices will be the winner?

As you can imagine, I have no crystal ball neither I’m a fortune teller but I like to read the predictions of my colleagues and friends and I like doing my own bets, so here I go with a short summary of what we will may or may not see in 2016:

And in the horizon, 2020, or is 2025 ?

Since 2009, the industry has hung its hat on Ericsson´s prediction of 50 billion connected devices by 2020. This year, however Ericsson has indicated that we may only see a little half of the number. In its latest Ericsson Mobility Report it said “Our forecast points to there being 26 billion connected devices by 2020”. The company said that its previous number was a vision and not a prediction. A complete shock, isn’t.

I am confident that Ericsson will not be the last company, which as we approaching the year 2020, will modify their visions and will provide more accurate predictions and estimates or better, as Jasper predict, I hope 2016 will be the year where the industry stops paying attention to just the number of devices connected, and instead starts tracking the variety of new services enabled by those connected devices.

Beecham Research is warning companies planning to get into the Internet of Things (IoT) market not to believe all the hype and overoptimistic predictions. By now, you should not panic. We must trust that there will be billions of smart devices, new profitable business models, successful IoT startups, transformation of industries, optimization of processes, more satisfied customers, driverless cars, less traffic jam, and it is also possible that the quality of our life will be better. But it will not be all in 2016 and perhaps neither in 2020. Just we must be a little more patience and it will arrive.

We are many who are evangelizing into companies so they understand the risk wasting this significant opportunity and we will continue in 2016.

What are your expectations, wishes or requests for 2016?

Thanks everyone for your Likes, Comments and Shares.



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