IoT Story: “To infinity and beyond”!

IoT Toy story

There are many IoT events, perhaps too many, no one doubts.  IoT events will evolve, no one doubts. Only a few will survive in a few years, nobody doubts. I am confident that IOTS WC will be one of them (just remember in what has become MWC from its origins in the French Riviera), especially if the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) continue holding a quarterly or annual meeting in Barcelona. As Lynne Canavan in his post ‘Putting IoT to work’ said, “the excitement and energy was palatable from the 4,000 attendees at this event”.

In the IoT events you can expect much networking between peers of the industry. Visitors and exhibitors increase their collection of business cards. Partners finally meet face to face and Sales teams run trying to catch the customers. To be honest, few customers nowadays.

In my way back to Madrid sitting in the plane before we takeoff, I watched the person in the next seat (a seller of gift items for tourists) and a group of ladies who were to begin a vacation trip. All of them (none was digital native) not stop using their Smartphones until we hear the notice to switch our phones to fly mode. I asked them if they knew what is Internet of Things (IoT) ?. Obviously the answer was, What?

Do you really believe that users care about protocols, standards, platforms, clouds or analytics?. They just want a product or a service that makes their life easier, safer or more enjoyable. That is what they should get from the IoT.

So it would be good that both the members of IIC and other organizations and alliances, as all we are evangelizing and working to build the IoT, understand that we are a minority in a world of 7 billion people, and beyond keep talking about differences between IoT, and Industry 4.0 Industrial Internet, we must work for the billions of machines which will be connected to the Internet solve current and future problems of our society.

Transforming the industries, transforming the society with IoT

There are many articles describing how the Internet of things can transform key industries. For instance in healthcare the IoT is improving patient care and at the same time, digitizing and streamlining the sharing of health data has the potential for dramatic gains in efficiency significant cost savings – Goldman Sachs recently estimated that Internet of Things (IoT) technology can save billions of dollars for asthma care.
During IOTS WC, the visitors who attended the conferences, keynote speeches and visit the booth, testbeds and innovation marketplaces have had an excellent approach to discover real examples about what will be the future of transportation, manufacturing and logistics, healthcare and energy.

Here some videos to open your appetite for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):

In the Internet at the centre of everything article by Sandeep Chennakeshu (president, BlackBerry Technology Solutions), the author explains “how over the next decade, IoT will become mainstream. It will lead to the emergence of new business models and innovations that fundamentally change the global economy and the quality of our lives”.

Key Takeaway

I want to thanks Fira Barcelona for allow me collaborate in the IOTS World Congress. I want to thanks Richard Soley and Jeff Fedders for their interviews. I want to thanks all companies and IoT friends that collaborate with their post to make this first edition, the start of a very successful event, IOTSWC.

For me, it was a unique opportunity to talk and be inspired by some of the best IoT keynote speakers, still in my mind the words of Jonathan Ballon (Intel) promising in the future we can detect cancer in 1 day thanks to IoT.  It was fantastic discuss during three days with expert IoT panelist about challenges and opportunities, business models, platforms, social changes, and many other topics of this exciting market. And it was great to find so many visitors stopping me in the hallways and telling me they are inspired by my posts. A Big thanks to all of you for follow me and for your Likes, Shares and Comments.

If you are an IoT optimist watch How the Internet of Things Will Change the World.

The IoT Story is not a history of toys. It is the history of humankind transformation. As Buzz Lightyear we can say “With IoT, To infinity and beyond”

Thanks in advance for your Likes and Shares



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