Speakers of the Internet of Things

This post is a tribute to all the IoT speakers (some of them also IOT bloggers) who during years have been evangelizing first on Machine to Machine (M2M) and later on the Internet of Things (IoT). Without their sessions and seminars we would not have achieved the Hype so soon.

Because I have many friends and colleagues in the industry that might not be reflected in the below classification, I have decided not to include names. I have also avoided include links to events campaigns to maintain neutrality.

“The IoT emcees or MC`s”

Seems easy, but the reality is that the ability of “The IoT MC´s” to present performers, to speak to the audience, entertain people, and generally keep the event moving is one of those skills that is only available to a few privileged. How many of you are able to remember jokes or anecdotes when talking in public?. I sweat just thinking about it.

Getting a skilled IoT MCs to a show, event or congress gave you a previous opinion of the venue and style of the event. The IoT emcee is usually a reputed analyst, a show runner but sometimes is a journalist, a famous comedian or a sport legend who read some IoT articles and anecdotes before the event.

In addition to master the English and the local country languages, a good IoT MC requires a greater level of improvisation – creating a sense of place and community, interacting with the audience, dealing with any hecklers and encouraging them to focus on the other acts.

Who is your preferred IoT emcee?

“The IoT Usual Suspects speakers”

Speaking on a IOT event is very complicated. But not for everyone. There are speakers that are claimed by all IoT event’s organizers pride themselves on organizing the best conferences. It is what I call “The IoT Usual Suspects”. Their skills as speakers is undeniable but especially its position in the industry, whether in organizations and committees, large corporations or government roles.

Indeed some of them do not have much time to do anything other than speaking in events. Today in US, Asia next week and before returning home two more in Europe.

“The IOT Usual Suspects” speakers will rock and roll your IOT event. Expensive? You bet, but the best stuff always is.

Who is your preferred IoT usual suspect speaker?

“The IoT Visionaries speakers”

There are also all-star IOT speakers and their IoT-focused sessions are very expected and commented, I call them “The IoT visionaries”. The IOT visionaries illuminate the incredible breadth and scope of the Internet of Things. Sensors, Intelligent gateways, Wearables, Protocols, Networks, Beacons, Big Data, Security, Platforms, New Business models, and many more are all covered by this group of speakers. The speakers come from the entire spectrum of IoT technology and services providers, and themselves had diverse backgrounds that encompass the richness of the IoT.

You want to see an example of IoT visionaries (in US), take a look at this link: “18 Visionaries Of “Internet of Things

Who is your preferred IoT visionary speaker?

“The IoT Casual speakers”

This is my case. There are tree main reasons to accept and IOT casual speaker in a congress or event. The organizer do not have the budget to pay an IoT Visionary / Star speaker and need to complete the agenda with someone that help to attract visitors. The second reason is becuase the IoT casual speaker insists and insist with an interesting subject for a session. And the third reason you are replacing someone else in the last minute. In any case it is an honor, a pleasure or a compliment that you cannot refuse.

Who is your preferred IoT casual speaker?

“The IoT local speakers”

Your local IoT speakers are the inspiration center of your IOT event. Finding extraordinary IoT local speakers isn’t always an easy task. It’s actually not only the person you should be searching for, but the person’s power of attract your local target audience.

The IoT local speakers are important because they are familiar with the country/city IOT market challenges, research and opportunities. They can be a good source to inspire local companies and people to collaborate, to connect and to improve the local IoT community.

Who is your preferred IoT local speaker?

A list of IoT / M2M Speakers

If you are a new in IoT or you want to make your own classifications, here below you can find more info about a good number of IoT / M2M speakers. They are not all they are, but google is still free.















When I worked in big multinationals it was difficult for me to become a speaker. The speakers were reserved for illustrious corporation managers. Perhaps the fever of events and conferences had not arrived and they were happy to travel the world. I do not feel bad about it. I acknowledge that I did not fight much then. Now I struggle to be speaker. It is much more difficult but the reward (not economic for now) is much more enjoyable.

I enjoyed last year to be a speaker and moderator in Milan, and hope I can also enjoy this year in IoT week Lisbon. And why not maybe I can dream to be a speaker in the IOTS World Congress.

Thanks everyone for your Likes and Shares

Thoughts ? Comments ?


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