IOTS World Congress, Is this the IoT event We were Waiting For?

FiraBarcelona_PostAs far as June 2013, Kevin Davenport, Cisco Systems, wrote about how “How Internet of Things Will Change Industry”. And he though it’s just getting started. In November 12, 2014, Roland Banks wrote “Internet of Things will change everything” and I agree 100%. We have seen during last year some interesting developments in IoT products and technologies and we have seen how manufacturers are teaming up with mobile telecom companies, device vendors and IoT platforms vendors to create connected products and offer new services. An example, in Korea, SK Telecom has partnered with furniture maker Hyundai Livart, to produce a range of so-called ‘smart furniture’ which adds touch screens and other gadgets to mundane items such as tables and cabinet doors.

I think we can say that “IoT it’s just getting teen”.

One of the best articles I read last year was written by Michael E. Porter and James E. Heppelmann for Harvard Business Review: “How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition”. These two visionaries consider that “smart connected products offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability, much higher product utilization, and capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries”. In heavy machinery for instance, Schindler’s PORT Technology reduces elevator wait times by as much as 50% by predicting elevator demand patterns, calculating the fastest time to destination, and assigning the appropriate elevator to move passengers quickly.

“Smart, connected products will substantially affect structure in many industries and the effects will be greatest in manufacturing industries”

There are many IoT events around the globe and many events like MWC 2015 or CeBIT reclaiming a place for IoT, I think the industry sector was missing one IoT event designed for them. A few months ago I met in Madrid with an executive of Fira de Barcelona. I did not know in advance the purpose of the meeting, but I accepted his invitation, by curiosity. I must say that the meeting turned into food and the food lasted until late afternoon. I guess the waiters did not understand a word of two passionate talking about the Internet of Things. There was a clear coincidence: IoT need a world event, designed by and for the industry, where technology stay in the background and attendees could see concrete industry solutions and learn from actual cases that can move quickly to their business.

Clearly, it was a challenge to organize it in a few months but it has been achieved: The Barcelona IOTS World Congress aims to be the global benchmark event for the deployment of the internet of things systems in industry.

I am happy to be an IoT Advisor in charge of leading and promoting the IOTS World Congress event. Whether if you attended other events and you miss the tapas and jamon serrano, as if it is the first time you are visiting the city on account of this event, it will be a pleasure to see you 16-18 September.



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