Bloggers of the Internet of Things

This post is a tribute to all the bloggers who during years have been evangelizing first on Machine to Machine (M2M) and later on the Internet of Things (IoT). Without their articles and their insistence we would not have achieved the Hype so soon.

IOT Bloggers do not chase to be “the Cervantes or Shakespeare” of our time

Over the course of my life, I’ve embraced a number of different hobbies, but none of them have brought me as much satisfaction as blogging about IoT. I had many reasons to create my IOT blog and presentations, but to be honest, at the beginning the main reason was to refocus my career and generate business opportunities. However, over the months I have felt a great happiness to see how my work is rewarded with an incredible increase in the number of followers, receiving acknowledgments from friends and colleagues, reading your comments and meeting and sharing with other IoT bloggers.

As an IOT blogger, I do not chase become a famous writer. I do not claim to be recognized as the Cervantes or Shakespeare of our time. It is about translate my thoughts and enthusiasm, my knowledge and experience in the Internet of Things into small pieces of writing.

When I publish a post, I like to think that I am inspiring others. When I share my post with you, I hope that you find it interesting and useful enough to click in a Like, Share of Follow link.

When I publish a post, there are many hours of work on it. Hours in which I delve deeper into the matters I want to talk, hours of search and filter content, hours for decide how to articulate the most significant and meaningful ideas, hours to summarize the most important thoughts. But I am proud to invest my time, energy and IoT view into a free piece of writing to anybody who wants to read it.

Which M2M / IOT blogs have inspired me  

During the last two years I have been a devourer of M2M / IoT news published whether in blogs of product manufacturers, analysts, system integrators, Telco Operators, or independent bloggers. In all this time I have gained valuable market knowledge, contacts and experience. I want to think, I have also helped many people to understand a little more about the Internet of Things.

And while now more than ever we can find articles, blogs or post related with the Internet of Things, only a few of them are originals and have been written by subject matter experts. It is very difficult to find original and interesting stories to read. The IoT bloggers have multiplied and with them the repetition of the same news in different social networks is overwhelming.

I perceive in “The original IOT evangelists” a certain tiredness to post.

If you are a new IOT blogger my advice is first you need to think in which subject you are interested: devices, wearables, protocols, technologies, platforms, industrial internet, smart home, smart cities, business models and use cases – everything and anything … and then learn as much as you can and share your knowledge and experience with your readers.

We’re at such an early stage of development of the Internet of Things that finding the best blogs to follow is a moving target. Here below there are some blogs I follow.



When I started writing my IOT blog , Linkedin posts, and other blogs, I did not pursued win the Literature Nobel Prize. My goal was to become a respected IoT expert and provide independent advice both large and medium companies as startups. I felt very well evangelizing on IoT with my articles and watching the number of followers increased week after week.

But the initial hobby has now become part of my job (I have started making some money with my posts). I do not enjoy as much as when wrote for pleasure but allows me to reach more people and delve deeper into the themes.

I was inspired by other bloggers and I feel admiration by many colleagues that continue sharing his knowledge and experience with us. I am sure the real IOT bloggers will continue writing their blogs and will see increase their readers. The blog has caused us to change our life and this is reason enough to continue. The other opportunist’s bloggers will fall gradually.

Thoughts ? Comments ?



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